Our National FX22 Formax is up and running.

Our National FX22 Formax is up and running.

23 June 2016

Zip Fastener Products, Inc National FX22 Formax is in operation and running great parts for our customers!

The attached video of our National FX22 Formax shows how a fastener is cold headed.  The wire is cut off in the machine at the exact length require to form the head and body, transferred to the 1st die where the head is pre-formed, transferred to the 2nd die where the head is finished and then transferred to the discharge chute and gently dropped to avoid any damage that might occur because of the high speed.  You can see the entire process as the parts are being transferred across the stations at high speed.

While in operation, the header is automatically monitored with sensors to assure that there are no changes to the heading forces during the forming process.  If there is a change to the heading forces, the monitor automatically stops the machine, saving the 1 or 2 parts that may have been headed.  The controls on the machine assure no bad parts leave the machine.

FX33 Process Control

After the parts are dropped into the discharge chute, they slide into a conveyor, carried to a catch pan where they are checked dimensionally to doubly assure no bad parts are produced.  When the parts are verified to be correct, they are placed in a larger container with parts of the same lot.

Formax Machine Diagram